Tips On How To Improve Your Stage Performance

If you’re a stage performer, regardless to whether you’re new to the stage or not, it’s a fact that you’ll be looking for tips to improve your performance. This is unrelated to whether you’re an actor, singer or dancer…or even a magician! To some, improving their performance is a matter of pride, and to others, better performance means better money.

Irrespective to the reason, if you are looking for tips on how to improve your stage performance, then look no further for the day. Here are our experts’ tips and suggestions.

Try something new.

Get out, leap out of your comfort zone. Most performers tend to stick to one kind of performance due to comfort and/or lack of confidence. This eventually makes them bored of their own performance, making it boring and mediocre to the audience as well. Enthrall your audience by giving them performances that they’d never imagine you making. For example, if you’re an actor, you can try making use of those childhood singing lessons; adding your own song to your next performance.

Get help.

If you feel you’re lacking in certain areas of your performances, don’t hesitate to get help. Attend workshops, get acting or speech coaching. If you’re a dancer, or wish to dance in your performances, then try out a few forms of dancing. Trust us when we say that a few lessons of salsa or even few ballet classes won’t go to waste. Not only will these lessons give you the ability to perform something new, it also gives you the confidence to perform what you already know, better.

Perform with confidence.

Have you ever heard people say confidence is beautiful? That’s because it really is so. If you perform with confidence, even when you don’t feel really confident on the inside, your performance automatically becomes better for the audience. Let yourself loose and bring up that smile. You’d be surprised how easily the audience looks over small blunders when the performer is pleasant and confident.

Take a support system with you.

Are you the type who feels stage fright, regardless to how many times you’ve already been up on stage and performed? Can you never seem to get rid of the cold feeling that clutches at your stomach when you feel the audience’s eyes on you? If this is the case, then try to take a little support up on stage with you. Don’t perform alone, even if it’s a solo. For example, if you’re a singer, you can always have a team of dancers on the background to boost your confidence. Even the band you play with being up on the stage helps.

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