The Correct Method Of Jump Starting Your Vehicle

This may have happened to you times before you put the key in ignition and nothing happens, you probably only hear few clicks in your vehicle and nothing else. These probably are signs of either a dead cell or a cell that has run out of charge. And if you are on your way to a special occasion it is important for you to start the vehicle somehow just so you can reach the destination. That’s why it’s important to have a jumper cable which is in good condition on the trunk of your vehicle at all times.

Among other emergency accessories for your vehicle it is very important that you shop for a good jump start cable. You can find them at most battery suppliers in Dubai. You don’t need a lot of tools to jump start a vehicle but it is essential that you have a well-functioning vehicle and an owner to perform it. Jumper cables are the most cost effective method available to jump start your vehicle as they are easily affordable. They come in various lengths, however the length of the cable doesn’t ensure good power supply even though it eases the overall process, because the length of the cable will define the amount of energy which will travel through it.

You should always give priority to your safety at all times, if you have any kids living in your home its advice to make sure they are restricted entrance to the place during the process. Always make sure to go through the manual that comes with your vehicle before performing this operation because certain vehicles need extra measures for a successful jump start. The main purpose of the cable is to transfer current from another vehicle to yours and therefore it is important that you do not touch the clamps onto anything else other than the cell in your vehicle. There are lot of services that provide this type of jump start if you are concerned about doing it yourself. It is always an option to use dial a battery service.

The first step is to jump starting is you get the vehicle with the battery that is on low power and have it facing the one with the one that is providing the current needed. Pull the parking breaks to make sure both vehicles are stationary. Both vehicles need to be turned off initially, open the hood on either vehicle and locate the cell. Find the positive and negative terminal on both batteries and if the markings have worn out, use a meter and determine which is which. Follow by attaching the red cables to the positive terminal of the dead battery for a good jumpstart followed by attaching the other end of the positive cable to the positive terminal of the functioning vehicle. Then you connect the black cable to the negative terminal of the functioning vehicle and you do not connect the other end of the negative clamp on the terminal of the dead battery instead, you clamp it on to an unpainted metal part or a metal nut inside the car.

You start the vehicle with the functioning battery and let the current flow to the cell of the other vehicle and let it run for some time to ensure the battery is being charged. Then you start the vehicle with the dead battery to make sure it has been charged and once the vehicle is up and running you slowly remove the cables starting with the negative end and make sure to not touch the clamps together as current is still being transferred. After a while from your engine on work it will automatically charge the battery and you will be able to test drive the vehicle to see if it runs well on the road.

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