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If you are planning to go overseas for your higher studies in the next few years, it would be a good idea for you to start preparing for your journey right away. Many people do not realize that studying overseas is not just about getting accepted in to a university or getting your visa. In order to get your acceptance letter, you need to be a lot more than simply book smart and have a lot of certificates to prove that you are intelligent in your field. You will need to prove to the university and of course the visa officer than you are capable of going and studying abroad by proving your language skills to them. Believe it or not, many young people get flying colours for their high school exams and other exams related to their field and degree but fail to get through the language testing exams causing them to get rejected immediately from the university.

Language testing exams

You might be someone who is high flown in your English and you may think that you do not have a worry in the world when it comes to sitting for your language testing exams. However, what you may not be prepared for is the lack of timing with these exams which is what causes most students to fail in the examination. With the Pearson English exam for example, the timing is very short and strict. You may be able to answer all the questions and activities on the paper perfectly but if you do not have the time to write the answers down, you will still fail just like your neighbor who is not at all fluent in English.

This is the same principle with the GRE courses in Dubai and many other language testing examinations. It is important for you to understand that these countries and each of these universities get thousands upon thousands of applications every year asking for entrance and that many of these applicants qualify above and beyond for the course that is being offered.

This means that the university need to make a choice between each of these applicants and if their grades are more or less the same, they will need to find another qualifier and this, is English. It would be of no use if the applicant was intelligent but did not have the ability to follow the high end English language based courses at the university. This is why they make not only your knowledge of the language but also your ability to grasp it in the shortest time a qualifier.

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