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The major advancements in technology and keeping up with technology is nothing new. We are living in an era of technology advancements that happen almost every second of the day. It is not limited to any category but advancements are vast. One of the biggest advancements in technology, which ninety-nine percent of humans depend on is phones. When it comes to phones it is also not normal phones but smart phones. With industries such as apple, Samsung and even HTC, the addiction to phones are increasing.

Today it is not only the addiction to these, but addiction to these accessories is also a big trend. For companies engaged in selling these accessories, it is a big business. Everyone is trying to create business out of everything and here are the accessory departments too. One of the biggest, can’t live without accessories are mobile covers. Everyone needs one for fashion or most importantly for protection. Here is a quick look at what they cover are mostly made out of.

With plastic

As a starter, most mobile skins started coming out in plastic, even though it has started evolving since. Plastic covers come in various styles, sizes based on the phone and even a huge range of colors. You can always pick from a wide variety of styles, whether it be florals, prints, animals, landscapes, or even simply plain colors to graffiti. You can mix and match and have your own done with different colors or quotes. Plastic covers are very protective even if you drop your phone. Only downfalls are that they easily can scratch and even break, if it is a hard drop on a concrete floor.

Silicon and rubber

Covers which come from silicon and rubber are more of the fancy ones. They are very slim, always come in various styles and colors, but is more protective than plastic. It is either in rubber or silicon, which is very protective when accessories on the phone. These covers are generally few dollars cheaper always, than plastic covers. It is easy to wash, easy to dry and even easy to slip on. You can keep changing it based on colors you like for seasons or even go ahead and do your own arts on it, as it is rubber.

Waterproof casings

Becoming much more popular, with everyone trying to take underwater pictures or trying to stop your phone getting wet while a heavy shower or someone accidentally pushing over to a pool. Waterproof covers are exclusively made with special materials and protects yours phone, much better than other types of covers. These are more expensive, but most protective over any other case made.

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