5 Signs Men Need To Visit A Urology Specialist

Most men develop certain physical problems with age and they usually visit their family physicians for it. However, there are certain problems that can only be cured by a specialist of urology. Let us a take a look at a few common signs which compels men to see such a specialist.
1. Erectile dysfunction
Anyone experiencing erectile dysfunction should and must visit the physician as it can be a sign for a bigger physical problem. Anyone who finds it difficult or cannot have an erection have chances of having problems, like vascular diseases, renal failure, hypertension and other similar ailments, which can have adverse psychological and emotional problems. This kind of problem also affects intimate relationships and causes an emotional turmoil. In such cases, an erectile dysfunction treatment should be taken up immediately to avoid such issues. Anyone experiencing such issue should visit a specialist immediately instead of waiting for the physician to refer him. As guys do not want to talk about these things, repeating their story might be a problem. Therefore, it is better to go to the right physician in the first place so that they can be treated on time.2. Urine and blood
Anyone who finds blood in their urine should immediately consult an urologist Dubai. There is no two way about it as it is an automatic self referral case. Blood in the urine is a sign or symptom of either cancer of the kidney or the bladder issue. Whether the cancer is serious or not should be confirmed and treated likewise immediately.
3. Urinary incontinence
There are many options when it comes to the treatment for urinary incontinence including surgeries. Any difficulty in passing urine or lack of it should be reported immediately.
4. Decreased libido or sexual problems
Most men suffer from decrease sexual desire or reduce libido which affects their sexual relationships and causes emotional and stress problems in men. This can be due to failure in ejaculation or premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, nerve problems, spinal cord injury and so on. Therefore, such symptoms and signs should be reported immediately as it will save you from future’s bigger problems related to your health.
5. Other symptoms
• Testicular mass
• Infertility
• Lower abdominal pain
• Difficulty in urinating
Most of the men try avoiding these issues and do not want to talk about it. However, it is very important to visit the doctor on time when the issue is minor, so that it does not become a bigger health problem in the future with further complications.

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